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How I feel about the Cavaliers recent trade moves

I think that the Cavaliers have made almost all the right moves. If you didn’t already the Cavs traded Dwyane Wade for a second round pick , And Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. They also traded Derrick Rose, Jae Croward, Iman Shumpart, and Joe Johnson, to the Jazz for Rodney Hood, and George Hill.

I feel that the Cavs made amazing moves and I think this is a side effect of the Cavs realizing Lebron is probably gonna leave and the best thing to do is start preparing for the future and the way to do that is trading older players and big contacts for younger players and picks.

First to break down the trade I liked the most they traded Isaiah Thomas a player who obviously didn’t fit the Cavs Roster and a older good bench presence Channing Frye, and a First rounder, For a younger prospect who plays more in tune with the Cavs Jordan Clarkson and a younger producing big man Larry Nance Jr. The reason I don’t like the trade for the Lakers cause Isaiah Thomas will start over Lonzo and we’ll never hear the end from Lavar Ball and that also mean if Lonzo on the bench we probably won’t see as much Josh Hart who seemed to develop into a promising rookie. As well if I’m the Lakers I gotta now I’m not a team thats ready to win in the next three to five year and at that point Frye and Thomas will be  out of there primes.

The other deal that the Cavs Made was dealing Dwayne Wade to the Heat for a second round pick and I like this because Wade said he wanted to retire as a member of the Heat and this could be one of the last years he plays and that's probably why they only got a second rounder. If am the Cavs I would package wade with a second for one first and try to sell the Heat on Wade passing on his experience to there young and up coming players.

Finally there was the Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpart, and Joe Johnson, George Hill and Rodney Hood, and following todays pattern I love this trade.            I like this Trade Because there shipping players who under preformed as Cavs Crowder and Rose for player who will fit in well. I see Hill bring a shooting presence to the Cavs something they needed who may start and Hood and Clarkson could run the second unit. So over all again the Cavs are stacking up for the future and it kinda looks like there ready to compete for a title for the last time before Lebron leaves.

Overall I would expect that in a few years we will look back on this trade and be able to declare the Cavs as the clear winners but only time will tell. Overall to my last point about getting more value for Wade I still think that they did a great job trading an older players for a potential star, and its all ways better to get more Picks.

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