How I feel about the Blake Griffin trade

As you may have heard Blake Griffin was traded to the Pistons along with Willie Reed, and Brice Johnson. Going to the Clippers is Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley Boban Marjonavic, a 2018 First round pick and a 2018 Second rounder.

You may hear people say that this trade was a steal for the Pistons or that the Clippers didn’t get enough for Griffin. You may also hear that the Clippers traded Griffin so that they could sign LeBron. They think this because it was rumoured that LeBron's free agent destination will be Los Angeles, but most likely the Lakers.  But what people are forgetting is that LeBron was rumoured to go to the Lakers because it would secure the part of his career after he was done playing (which would be ownership, coaching or being a GM). But this probably wouldn’t still be the case with the Clippers, so I think that is out of the question.

As for the Pistons side of the trade, I think its terrible because if the Pelicans have taught us anything it’s that  first off a big man duo isn’t sustainable, and that even with debatably the best two big men in the league (Demarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis) they aren’t even a contender so really I think this is just a trade to fill seats for the Pistons.

As for the Clippers, I love this trade because they traded older stars and big contracts, and in return got young talent and picks. At the end of the line Blake Griffin And Deandre Jordan wouldn’t come close to competing for a title and would end up in no man’s land as I like to call where they aren’t contenders and won’t be getting lottery picks. As for their future I see them trading Deandre Jordan for more talent and picks maybe to somewhere like the Rockets to old play with his old teammate Chris Paul and help them compete for a title.

At the end of the day I would mark the Clippers as the winner and the Pistons as the losers, but this could change if the Pistons pull more piece together and begin to compete for a title.

© Nicholas McCardle 2018