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How the Eagles won the Super Bowl

If somehow you didn’t know already the Eagles won their first Super Bowl over the Patriots 41-33. Now if you ask me I consider this an upset and so would most people so I’m gonna break down how the Eagles outsmarted the Patriots.

An underrated moment of this game is when the Patriots chose to kick off to start. I know they were think that the Eagles would come out of the gate slowly trying to ease Nick Foles, but the Eagles did the opposite and came out firing  and caught the Pats off guard.

Through out the game the Eagles just over aggressed and out played and out smarted the Pats by Playing better defence and always beating the Pats at all turns.

The plays off the game were, the eagle going for it on fourth and one  in the fourth and took the lead on that drive, and the other play everyone knows is the strip sack by Brandon Graham.

Over all the Patriots were out aggressed, out smarted and out coached. I  think thats it’s plausible that the Patriots didn’t trust there coordinators because they all thought they we’re leaving next year, now we know Matt Patricia is the only on leaving but this could also have lead to distrust and a Super Bowl loss.

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