My detailed Super Bowl Predictions 

At the start the of the game it doesn’t matter but I think the Patriots will win the toss and chose to kick first they will kick off to the Eagles who will take a touchback they will most likely run for the first down on almost every drive especially the first which may help them ease Foles. At the half way point of the 1st quarter I’d say maybe 6-3 Patriots with the Eagles kicking off to the Patriots. I think this is the drive we see the first touchdown which is started by a 30 yard Gronkowski reception and ended with a James White touch down, and we end the quarter 3-13. We continue with the  quarter were the Eagles scoring on touchdown and the Patriots scoring the drive after. Once the Eagles get the ball of the ensuing kick they go three and out punting the ball to the Patriots who don’t get anything out end the half ends 20-10.

The Patriots receive to start the quarter and drive to the 47 and make an record setting field goal and  making the score 23-10 the Eagles and Patriots trade scoreless drive and the quarter end. I think this because the next drive Foles throws a pick six which ruins his confidence and there chance to comeback and the final score 30 to 10.

© Nicholas McCardle 2018