Why this year’s Super Bowl will be a blow out

In my opinion right now I think that yet again Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will win the Super Bowl. I think not only will they win they will steamroll the Eagles.  

My first point is Nick Foles isn’t Super Bowl ready, he’s going up against a far more competent defence in the Patriots and that in the biggest game of his life he will crumble under the pressure. He does have an amazing o- line which could be the Eagle's saving grace. 

My second point is the Eagle's running back isn’t  good enough to take the pressure off of a not ready Nick Foles. Now you might think they destroyed the Vikings, but I don’t think the Vikings are as good as the Patriots, and that was not the Viking at their best, and that’s not who the Vikings will be in seasons to come. Back to the Eagle’s running backs they are an inexperienced young backs who might crack under the pressure.

My third is that the Patriots are just too experienced to lose  to a team like the Eagles. It also seems that the Patriots can’t get a penalty or that all their games are rigged. A stat to back this up is that the Patriots are averaging the least playoff yards of any team.

My final point is a little more based on if you believe superstition or not, and that point is that this Super Bowl the Patriots will wear their white jersey’s and every team who has wore white has won the super bowl. For all these reasons combined I believe the Patriots will beat the Eagles.


© Nicholas McCardle 2018